Bobble Hats Now On Sale

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

We've had lots of people get in touch in the past few weeks wondering how they can get their hands on our Tri Talking Sport Bobble Hats, now you can get them for €15 including postage ( IRL/ UK).

Pink Hats

Update 17:30 02/12/2020

We have taken delivery of the pink bobble hats which are now available for purchase on the link below along with our blue, navy or grey versions. Stock is limited so if you are interested in purchasing a hat for yourself or as a surprise christmas gift, now is the time to make the purchase and tick that job off the to-do list in advance of the seasonal shopping rush.

Update 20:00 02/12/2020

Pink Hats now sold out, make a preorder request for the next batch HERE

There are a limited number of blue, grey and navy hats still in stock

Click on the link HERE to make your purchase of the other colours

If you wish to purchase a hat for delivery outside of Ireland/ UK please pop an email to

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