Damian Browne: Rugby, Running and Rowing the Atlantic

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Episode 12 is a cracker, full of nuggets of insight into an athlete who had a colourful 16 year career as a professional rugby player. With a burning desire to travel the world he has turned his life after rugby into one big adventure through running, ocean rowing and mountain climbing. Damian Browne from Galway the softly spoken gentle giant has been on such an adventure to date it was hard to capture it all in the one show.

Ocean Crossing Pic Credit: Ted Martin @photofantasya

Retiring from rugby at the age of 35 after sustaining injury, he set ambitious goals for himself in order to live an extra-ordinary life. In this episode we get a glimpse of his rugby career before chatting about his unorthodox training for the Marathon De Sable and his successful crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in The Talisker Whiskey Challenge, despite not being a boatman or being able to swim. He completed this challenge, facing his fears and the powerful ocean, putting his body on the line in pursuit of his ambitions of becoming an ocean rower and a member of an elite group of people who have ever successfully solo rowed the Atlantic Ocean.

Pic Credit: Alun Richardson

Now he is within touching distance of completing the 'Seven Summits' the highest peaks in the world. With just two summits left to complete, we chat about his plans to push his body and mind further and further beyond its limits. There will definitely be a follow up episode to cover his momentus mountain endeavours. If you wish to support Damian's Seven Summits Challenge click HERE.

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