Embracing Passion for Triathlon: Taren, Sarah & Triny

I spent the last few days in Tempe Arizona, attending the Endurance Exchange conference, enjoying the opportunity to learn, network and meet lots of fabulous people who are working across the triathlon and endurance industry. This episode of the podcast was unplanned and unexpected, but not one to miss an opportunity I recorded the interviews on-site at Endurance Exchange in the Sun Devil Stadium. You'll hear more about Endurance Exchange in the episode which features three strong advocates for the sport of triathlon who have followed their passion for the sport to make it not just a hobby, but a career and simply a way of life. Triathlon has changed their lives dramatically.

Triathlon Taren (Taren Gesell) has turned his interest in triathlon into an opportunity to create awareness of the sport through his podcasts and YouTube channel, he has become a household name worldwide through his hugely popular digital platforms whilst through his training platform Trainiac, is supporting and coaching athletes from across the world, many of whom are starting out in their triathlon journey. He left his career in finance behind to fuel his passion for triathlon and has never looked back.

Sarah Hartmann has coupled her passion for helping others with her love of triathlon and has paved her way to the role of Executive Director of the IRONMAN Foundation spearheading the delivery of a multitude of programmes in communities across the world from the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Women For Tri movement to name just a few, she has completely changed her career moving from technology to triathlon and likens race day to Christmas day.

Triny Willerton is an athlete and an advocate for triathletes worldwide aiming to make the roads safer for all of us who use it.   Following a serious collision with a truck in 2018 she is campaigning to change laws and create awareness of the vulnerability of cyclists on the road through her #itcouldbeme movement. The softly spoken athlete has tenacious plans to bring her campaign far beyond the reach of the US. 

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