Eve McCrystal & Katie-George Dunlevy: The Dynamic Duo Going for Gold

So much has happened across the world in the last two weeks with the escalation of the COVID19 pandemic. It is hard to know whether I am coming or going and I’m sure there are many of you who will be directly or indirectly affected by COVID19 across your work, sporting and general life.

For me personally, many of the announcing jobs and event work has been put on hold for the next few weeks as race directors and event organisers make difficult decisions on the best course of action for their events, their participants and their own event teams. Lots of races and events have been postponed and in some cases they have been cancelled completely. A difficult time for race directors, athletes and those involved in the delivery of the events directly.

But this is where we find ourselves and there are many people who will suffer because of this pandemic and are in a much worse position that I am in so, I’m going to remain positive about what the next few weeks will bring and where it may lead me. There has to be a bright side to all of this and maybe I will get more shows recorded and released as a result of all the free time I have!

If you are feeling uncertain, worried or anxious, check out the article I wrote on Finding Your Comfort Zone in an Era of Covid19, I’ve received some great feedback on it and it may resonate with you too.

We now know as of yesterday 24th March that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have been postponed amid fears of the Coronavirus. When I recorded this episode with Eve and Katie two weeks ago things were beginning to progress with regards to COVID19, schools in Ireland had been closed and we were being encouraged to keep our distance, practice social distancing work from home and of course continue to wash our hands.

I'm delighted to have Eve McCrystal and Katie George Dunlevy join me on the show to chat about their rise in the sport of para cycling. Household names in sport, these extremely talented and tenacious female athletes together are the tandem team that have secured a whole host of success on two wheels for Ireland.  Winning both gold and silver at the Rio Paralympics in 2016 in time trial and track respectively before becoming multiple Para-Cycling World Champions. 

This powerful pairing of athletes have more silverware that many of us can only dream of winning, with a medal haul that would fill a treasure chest. Katie-George and Eve won gold in the time trial in Rio Paralympics 2016 and silver in the road race. Since then, they successfully became World Champions in 2017 and 2018 in both time trial and road race. In 2019 they became World Champions again in the time trial and won silver in the road race. In January of 2020 they broke their own national record and went on to win silver in the women’s tandem pursuit at the para-cycling track world championships in Canada. 

In this episode we chat about their background in sport, how they came together as a team, their success in sport and we also get an insight into the commitment, passion and dedication they have, not only to their sport but their individual roles as part of this dynamic duo as they chase their goals with a clear, focused and very resilient attitude. 

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Stay safe, stay positive

We are in this together

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