Ger Redmond: Prisoner to Professional Triathlete, Proof That Anything is Possible

Ger Redmond is an Irish Professional Triathlete who has had a colourful journey to where he is today.  The 37 year old multiple IRONMAN has had a life filled with highs, lows and a host of twists and turns including a two year term in Mountjoy prison. 

The promising young professional footballer had his dreams of a life in sport drastically cut short at the age of 16 due to family circumstances. He left his life in Scotland to return home to Dublin to support his brothers and sisters when his father was sent to prison.

Deciding to turn his life around shortly after his own release from prison, the passion Ger had as a child for sport was reignited when he supported a friend taking part in an IRONMAN.  That coupled with the tragic death of another friend was pivotal to his decision to change the course of not only his own life but that of his five children.  In less than two years of making the decision to leave a life of crime behind,  Ger had achieved his lofty goal of becoming a professional triathlete with a sub 9:30 IRONMAN finish, he has raced multiple IRONMAN events since first taking the plunge into the sport of triathlon including; Maastricht, Lanzarote, Wales, Cork and Barcelona. 

Ger’s story is one that will have you on the edge of your seat as he brings us through his life and how he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals sporting or otherwise. He does not, by his own admission ‘Do Excuses’ believing that no matter where you come from or your circumstances, through hard work and consistency you can achieve anything you set your mind to. He now coaches and supports a variety of people from all walks of life to help them achieve their goals and pave a path in life that is filled with positivity, hope and success.

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