Graham Macken - Chasing Breaking

Episode 20, our first big milestone for the podcast has been reached and I'm delighted to feature the formidable Graham Macken as the guest of the show for this episode. Graham is an Irish triathlete, cyclist, runner and keen endurance athlete who has for the past number of years been chasing his breaking point in his sporting endeavours.

In this episode the 35 year old from Navan in Co. Meath gives us an insight into his life as an amateur athlete.   A Race Around Ireland (RAI) finisher both as a duo and a solo rider, he has previously crewed for Race Across America as well as holding the title of being part of the only Irish two-person team to complete the iconic RAAM endurance cycling race. In just a few short months he will return to the USA to chase his breaking point as a solo rider in the Race Across America.

This episode gives us a brief insight into the mind of a man who simply does not quit, no matter what, DNF is not an option. We hear about some of his experiences where really he should have called it a day on a race but didn't, how his stubbornness, tenacity and determination to succeed are at the forefront of his mind from the moment he wakes up until he goes to sleep at night.

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