12 Days of Christmas Challenge

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

This weekend we launched a fun, festive, fitness challenge for adults, sure to keep your mind and body on track whilst having some fitness fun as we dive into the festive season. The concept is a simple one, commit to completing 12 hours of physical activity over the festive period from December 1st– 25th. Ideally this would be one hour of activity per day for 12 days, however this is more about challenge completion than competition so participants can decide to complete the challenge over a variety of durations of 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 2 hour sessions. 

Participants can select any physical activity of choice such as yoga, pilates, running, swimming, cycling, walking, hiking, jogging, gym class or any other activity that gets you moving, puts a smile on your face and gets the blood rushing through your veins. This is a fun challenge to encourage people to get moving over the festive period. With so much going on, as always in the lead up to Christmas, there are plenty of excuses and reasons not to stay motivated to exercise over the next few weeks. This Challenge provides the incentive to get an hour of exercise completed on at least 12 days between now and Christmas Day, taking time out to enjoy the session either on your own or with fellow challengers.

The reward for the challenge is in the completion and personal satisfaction, however there  have will be a number of presents and treats  up for grabs from Santa’s Sleigh as an incentive for participants to engage in the challenge fully.  Register for the challenge HERE


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