Joe Barr: World Ultra Endurance Cyclist

Joe Barr has been riding his bike for over 45 years and has no plans to stop pedalling or slow down any time soon! The 61 year old rider has blazed a trail in ultra endurance cycling and continues to push boundaries in his sport, setting and breaking records, winning races outright & proudly cycling his way into the world history books. He recently broke his own record for the Malin - Mizen - Malin route of 738 miles in 44 hours and 15 minutes setting not one, but three ultra cycling world records in the process.  He is a 1986 Commonwealth Games medalist and has amassed hundreds of medals and trophies in different cycling disciplines throughout his career. In 2009 he entered his first endurance race the Race Around Ireland. From that moment Joe Barr became Team Joe Barr and hasn’t looked back since. 2017 was a milestone season with the team winning two World Cup 500 mile races in Italy and the United States resulting in Joe being crowned 2017 World Endurance Champion, overall, 500-mile category, a first for Ireland. In 2018 Joe, returned to and won Race Around Ireland covering 2,200 kilometres in 104 hours and 3 mins, with just 3.5 hours sleep. He beat some of the world’s toughest competitors in what is considered one of the most intense races on the world circuit.  In 2019 Joe won his age category in Race Across America, the nonstop 3,070 mile race from the west coast of America to the east coast. Joe is the only Irish rider to have finished RAAM twice. 

I could have chatted with Joe for hours, we barely scratched the surface of his incredible career but this is a hugely insightful interview with so many nuggets of inspiration that even if you never cycled a bike you are sure to get something from it.

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Photo credits: Main photo Simon Patterson - Gallery Photos Gav Connolly.

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