Kayanne Horgan & Valerie Fogarty: An IRONMAN Adventure

Kayanne Horgan and Valerie Fogarty from Galway Triathlon Club completed IRONMAN Sweden in August this year as their first full distance race, completing 140.6 miles of swim, bike & run.

They have had very diverse journey’s to IRONMAN both in terms of family life and sporting backgound. This episode brings us through their triathlon adventure culminating in the completion of their IRONMAN last month. We look at what brought them together, their training and the fun they had along the way supported by an incredible tribe of family, friends and fellow triathletes. They call themselves accidental IRONMAN athletes and remain extremely humble as to what they have achieved.

Kayanne & Valerie Podu IRONMAN Athletes.

Val, completed 109 marathons prior to her marathon at IM Sweden, she signed up to her first IM 70.3 race in 2017 as a challenge for her 50thbirthday and despite being pulled from the water in her first race and not making the cut off on the bike in her second, she persevered with her biggest challenge and faced her fear in relation to swimming to complete her first IM this year. Married to John with four sons Ronan, Sean, Conor and Kelan, she juggled training and a busy household with her passion for sport to become an IRONMAN.

Kayanne Horgan started dabbling in triathlon in 2006 when her husband Karl and his cousin Ross were participating in the sport, for her first race she borrowed a bike and used a surfing wetsuit for the swim she took part in the events enjoying the social and sporting side of triathlon. Kayanne and Karl welcomed Maeve into the world just over 7 years ago and has in recent years she has returned to triathlon again. Managing her training with her busy family life and solicitor practice saw her take a ‘less is more’ approach to her training, she has completed two 70.3 events to date, she completed her first marathon last October in Galway, and this year along with Val heard those magic words ‘ You are an IRONMAN’ for the very first time.

Completing an IRONMAN was never a bucket list event for Val and Kayanne yet it was something that they both embraced completely and, although they had different approaches to training and their life situations are quite different, they took on the task of completing it together, bonding two women and two families for life supporting, encouraging and pushing each other all the way to the finish line. This tale of two triathletes is much more than the IRONMAN event they completed, it should provide inspiration to men and women to go out and achieve your goals no matter how big or small be it in sport or in life.

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