KBC Dublin Marathon Series - Part 1

The latest episode of the Tri Talking Sport podcast is one of a number of episodes set to be released over the coming weeks featuring a host of characters I met throughout the marathon weekend in Dublin.

I spent so much time chatting with so many people that I recorded lots of great content and have decided to release a series of episodes in the coming weeks rather than one very long 'marathon' episode! Pardon the pun!

Photo Credit: KBC Dublin Marathon Expo

In this first piece of the series we meet with some athletes who are pushing the boundaries in running circles, embracing growing older but doing so with no limits just an abundance of passion for their sport, ambitious goals and fabulous adventure in mind. We also meet with some of those involved with the delivery of the event who are supporting and steering the future of the friendliest marathon in Europe!

Tune in to the episode HERE.

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