Leo Hynes Para Triathlete

In episode 3 of Tri Talking Sport I chat with Leo Hynes from Tuam in Co. Galway. The 47 year old father of three was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration in 2009. The illness and diagnosis came completely out of the blue, Leo was a fit healthy triathlete and sports fanatic.

Although manageable for a number of years through injections into his eye on a regular basis, in 2015 the treatment stopped working, leaving him with just 10% vision, he was declared legally blind. The diagnosis was devastating for Leo, his whole world and that of his family was turned upside down and inside out.

After some dark days and event darker months, eventually Leo had some light at the end of the tunnel when he attended an event hosted by NCBI. There, Leo took a chance on testing out a tandem bike that was in the room. Although nervous at first, after spinning around for a little while, he embraced it and loved it, loving the freedom of the bike and release of bing back in the saddle. that was the start of his journey back to sport, back to a life of hope, a life that once again had opportunities and possibilities and started his journey to triathlon and world champion athlete.

Leo and his guide Mary Corless from Tri Lakes TC on their way to a top 10 finish in the 2019 Westport Triathlon. Photo Credit: Nick Skehan

Leo's journey from serious illness to world champion is one of resilience, determination and courage. His passion and positivity for his family, his fellow athletes and the sport of triathlon is both infectious and inspiring.  When life deals hard knocks we have a choice, we can either let life get us down or we can fight back. Leo has chosen the latter and is not only fighting back he has come out the other side and taken back control of his life.

Listen to Leo's inspiring story HERE

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