Lucy Gossage: Triathlon and the Spirit of Adventure

Lucy Gossage the UK based former professional triathlete and household name in the sport of triathlon, has had a superb career of triathlon racing. First as an age grouper, then part-time pro, before taking time out from her role as cancer doctor to pursue her passion for triathlon as a fulltime professional for two and a half years.

In her time as a professional athlete she clocked up 13 IRONMAN wins some of those just weeks apart! Lucy retired from the sport as a full time professional at the end of 2018 returning to her work fulltime as a cancer doctor, however, that didn’t stop her from winning the PATAGONMAN Xtreme Triathlon in December 2018 and the first ever XTri World Championships at the Norseman last year. She also returned to her spiritual IRONMAN home in Tenby, Wales one final time in 2019 to say goodbye to a race that she loves and brings back such fond memories.

Photo Credit Huw Fairclough

An incredibly determined, passionate and dedicated athlete and oncologist it is no surprise she has been successful at every turn. Her mindset and focus is strong, in fact she credits much of her success to her mindset. But, she is also a very talented athlete and very much enjoys the sport of triathlon. With a spirit of adventure she wants to have fun with what she does in sport and with that smile and positive attitude she has captured the hearts of many with her #doingalucy dancing, smiling and celebrating in style down the finish line of many a race.

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