Mark Allen: Legend of Triathlon

In this, the 40th episode of the Tri Talking Podcast I was delighted to chat with Mark Allen who is a name synonymous with triathlon and IRONMAN in particular. The six time Ironman World Champion is one of the greatest athletes of all time and a living legend.  His triathlon career spanned 15 seasons.  In that time he had many successes in sport, winning the first ever ITU Triathlon World Championships in 1989, he also won the Nice Triathlon 10 times consecutively and had a 20 race winning streak from 1988 -1990 which is simply incredible. 

He first dipped his toe in IRONMAN racing in1982 going up against the best in the world at the time Dave Scott, it took Mark multiple attempts until 1989 to finally become the World Champion for the first time beating Dave Scott to the finish by 58 seconds. Marks IRONMAN journey and that IRONWAR of 1989 has been covered extensively and widely,  so in this show we chat about his career and life generally,  and shoot the breeze in what at times felt more like a chat over coffee with a friend than an interview with the man who was voted ESPN’s Greatest Endurance Athlete of All Time, he also holds the title of Greatest American Triathlete of all Time, not to mention he is a member of the IRONMAN Hall of FAME, USAT Hall of Fame and ITU Hall of Fame.

Mark shares lots of insight into his fascinating journey in sport, but I think more importantly he shares insight into the mindset of a champion with lots of nuggets of advice and practical lessons that we can all take away and use in our daily lives regardless of our sporting aspirations and goals, and now more than ever we can all do with an injection of inspiration that we can use daily to keep us both motivated and mindful in these turbulent times.

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