Monday Night Social Ride Now An Official Zwift Spin.

Updated: Jan 5

Tri Talking Sport & PARC Tri Community in Partnership With Team IRL Cycling To Host Official Zwift Social Spin.

On the back of our successful Virtual Bike Week hosted in partnership with Galway City Council in September of last year, we have been hosting a social spin on Zwift with Oliver Harkin and the PARC Tri Community every Monday night for the past few months. The 60 minute social spins on the virtual cycling platform have grown in popularity over the intervening weeks and months with riders of all abilities joining the spin for a workout and some great fun, all from the comfort of their homes or indeed their self described 'pain caves'.

On average each night 80-90 riders have taken to the virtual tarmac to spin the legs after a hard weekend of cycling or to embrace the fun of some sprinting to prime the legs for the following night's virtual racing. For others it was simply to get a fun session of cycling done, passing the time on the turbo enjoying the banter and chat that unfolded over the course of the hour session each week.

In partnership with Team IRL Cycling the Monday Night Social ride is now an official event on the Zwift calendar which is an exciting development as we embrace a new year of fun and fitness on the virtual tarmac. Tonight Monday 4th January at 7:30pm we roll out the first spin of 2021and are looking forward to many more Monday nights in the saddle over the coming weeks.

Join The Spin and Get Social With Us

If you are on Zwift and wish to join us tonight click on the link HERE

Join the cycling conversation on Discord on the Team IRL Cycling 'Social Event Channel' HERE

Join the pre ride banter in the PARC Tri Community Facebook Group HERE

Keep informed of Team IRL Racing and Social Events by joining the Facebook Group HERE and liking their page HERE

If you are not yet on Zwift but are interested in joining the platform, please pop a message to and we can guide you to getting set up and in the saddle quicker than you can clip in and out of your pedals!



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