New Tri Talking Sport Podcast is Live

We have just launched our brand new sports podcast and can't wait for you to listen to the show!

The podcast will feature interviews with inspiring athletes across a multitude of sports who are chasing their sporting dreams and goals on a daily basis, from amateurs to elites, professionals to thrill seekers and everything in between. 

The focus of the show will predominantly be placed on hearing from the many inspiring athletes and adventurers taking part in a variety of endurance challenges who have fantastic stories to tell about their lives, their commitment and dedication to their sport and the challenges they face as they pursue their goals. 

The podcast was officially launched at the Sport for Business Event at Galway Racecourse where Joanne was a panelist on the topic of participation in sport and Galway as hotbed for sport generally.

Speaking at the event about the podcast she said ‘There are so many athletes and adventurers achieving amazing results and astonishing feats who don’t get a lot of coverage in the media and don't have an outlet to talk about their achievements. The podcast will provide the opportunity for these individuals to tell their story and put it directly into the ears of those who wish to not only be encouraged and motivated, but also provides the platform for listeners to gain valuable insight and inspiration for their own personal sporting pursuits.' 

In the first episode Joanne chats with triathlete Caroline Heffernan from Tri Lakes Triathlon Club in Galway.  Caroline, a mum of two is an avid triathlete and sports fan despite suffering from Cystic Fibrosis.  She is the first Irish person with CF to complete a full distance triathlon finishing IRONMAN Barcelona last year. Her courage and commitment to her health and her sporting goals will no doubt be an inspiration to everyone who listens to the show. 

Episode one is now live across all podcast platforms, subsequent episodes will be released fortnightly on a Wednesday afternoon. To subscribe and listen to the podcast search for Tri Talking Sport on Apple Podcasts and Spotify or simply click on the Podcast Tab on this site.

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