Nikki Bradley: Adaptive Adventurer Scaling Heights In A Life With No Limits

Nikki Bradley is an adaptive adventurer who enjoys mountain climbing, abseiling and pushing her limits, with a focus and positivity that knows no bounds. Following a cancer diagnosis at the age of 16 which changed the direction of her life completely, she does not let obstacles or challenges stop her from achieving her goals in life and in sport.

She is the founder of fitness-based awareness campaign ‘Fighting Fit For Ewing’s’ which involves participating in physical challenges such as an attempted Guinness World Record in Holland, climbing the route of a glacier in Iceland and completing the Fan Dance gruelling 24km trek in Wales all whilst relying heavily on crutches. In July 2018, Nikki became the first crutch user to climb 4 Irish mountains on crutches in less than 32 hours.

Her passion for life, resilience in the face of adversity and her ability to face a challenge head on is both inspiring and uplifting. Life dealt Nikki some difficult circumstances and challenges at a young age but she has embraced those challenges, risen above them and now empowers others to do the same. As a motivational speaker and advocate for following a passion for sport, adventure and the outdoors, she has coupled this interest with her profession in her current role as The Ulster Development Officer with Triathlon Ireland.

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