Podcast Survey - I'd Love Your Insight on the Shows

If you tuned into Episode 20 of the podcast featuring Graham Macken you will know that we are now looking for sponsors to help us continue to provide a wide variety of great content and expand the number of shows produced each month. As part of this process, we would love to learn more about you if you listen to the show.

Even if you have only listened to one episode of the Podcast we want to hear from you

Complete our quick survey HERE, it takes less than 5 minutes.

We also would like to find out what you enjoy about the shows so we can make sure to deliver interviews that are of interest to you whilst continuing to build our profile, attracting a wide range of inspiring and entertaining guests and of course listeners to the show.

All completed surveys will be entered in the draw to win one of our cool Tri Talking Sport Bobble Beanies. We will never share your details with a third party, we may be in touch with a follow-up survey in the future.

I would really appreciate your help with this so that Tri Talking Sport can be THE go-to podcast to support athletes, adventurers and endurance enthusiasts as they embark on epic endurance escapades.

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