Rachel Nolan: Embracing A Life of Adventure

Rachel Nolan is the first ever female to win the TransAtlantic Way ultra bike race outright, a 2,200 km self supported race from Derry to Kinsale in Co Cork. She has amassed an incredible amount of success in adventure racing and endurance events in recent years and is one of Ireland's leading adventure athletes. 

She has adventure and exploration coursing through her veins, her passion for the outdoors and thirst for adventure is infectious and knows no bounds, so much so that after spending many years working in the drinks industry she came home to Mayo to set up her own tour company Rachels Irish Adventures providing the opportunity for her guests to enjoy tailor-made tours off the beaten path to experience, discover and taste the best of Ireland. 

With a keen interest in exploration, experiencing new cultures and places she has travelled the world and participated in some extraordinary races.  From the World's Toughest Race - Eco Challenge Fiji to the Marathon De Sable, The Maya Mountain Challenge - Belize Adventure Race and Slovenia Adventure Race. Closer to home she has tackled the Race in Donegal, The Beast Adventure Race and Coast to Coast Ireland, no mean feat by any stretch of the imagination.  Added to this impressive list, her ultra-distance cycling and trail running success is also hugely impressive, her trophy and medal haul is hugely inspiring.

In this episode we get an insight into Rachel’s training for the TransAtlantic Way, we hear some funny stories from her recent epic adventures at home and abroad and we also get a snippet into the mindset of an athlete who’s positivity is endless. Although we didn’t discuss this in the show it is incredible to think that when Rachel took part in the OCC in Chamonix a number of years ago, she ended up in a coma for over 40 hours after suffering from hyponatremia, luckily she woke up without suffering any brain damage. Rachel's energy, passion and commitment to her office outdoors and to her life of adventure is evident right from the start of our chat on the show. 

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