Ruth Astle: Champion Triathlete Excelling in Endurance Sport

Ruth Astle has proved to be an exceptional triathlete since taking up the sport in 2013. With multiple podiums over the past number of years she decided to move to the professional ranks of triathlon after being crowned the overall IRONMAN Age Group World Champion in Kona last year. 

Due to Covid19, she hasn’t had the start to her professional career in 2020 that she was expecting back in late 2019 but nonetheless the talented champion athlete is as motivated and committed as ever to getting fitter, faster and stronger.  

Her journey and success in triathlon has been matched by her success in her career with Lloyds, both of them going hand in hand with many hours of consistent hard work and dedication. Ruth has excelled as an endurance athlete, with 2019 being one of her biggest years in the sport and also a roller coaster of a year with injury lows, racing highs and big life changes and decisions.

Ruth encapsulates the epitome of working hard to chase big goals.  Committed, dedicated and passionate about her sport there is no stopping Ruth Astle and, I think we can undoubtedly expect to see her breaking the tape and topping the podium of races as a professional athlete for many years to come. 

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Photo Credit: Two26Photography

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