Simon Smith: The Power of Sport

In this episode of the podcast I took the opportunity to interview Simon Smith in the Abbelyglen Castle Hotel in his hometown of Clifden. Co Galway. I had been following Simon's sporting endeavours since meeting him at IRONMAN Wales last year, where he proved that 'Anything is Possible'.

You see, Simon has been on one hell of a journey, he's recently returned to Clifden after completing a 4,000 km, thirty day cycling adventure from Marrachek, Morocco to Clifden raising funds for two local charities who have been instrumental in helping him become the triathlete and adventurer his is today.

Ten years ago Simon suffered from severe mental distress and depression as a result of being abused as a child. His mental, physical and emotional health were in a dire state, he ballooned in weight, was drinking heavily and addicted to painkillers. At the age of 40 he reached out for help and was supported by his counsellor at the time to go back to a sport he loved as a child.. running, from there the rest is history and it was a turning point in his life.

The Bike!

He now wants to help other people by telling his story and hopes to inspire others as he continues his new life-style of training, racing and taking on adventures for as long as he can in the future. If you want to follow Simon’s next adventures you can find him on simonsmith09 on Instagram and you can support his fundraising by going to

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