Tiffiny Quinn: Savouring the Magic of Ice Swimming

Tiffiny Quinn is an Irish sea swimmer and ice swimmer who has embraced swimming in recent years and, by her own admission is ‘happiest in the water.' Her passion for swimming and the water has led her on a glorious voyage of swimming, adventure, friendship and fun over the past number of years since first being introduced to the sport.

This brave ice swimmer with a warm heart has completed an ice mile swim and multiple kilometre and 500m ice swims, representing Ireland in two World Championships: Burghausen, Germany in 2017 and Murmansk, Russia in 2019. Earlier this year she enjoyed a swimming adventure of epic proportions in Antartica. Wait till you hear about the icebergs!!

She has been the IISA Ireland chairperson since 2018 and firmly believes in the importance of giving back to her sport and her community. Her vivid description of her swimming adventures and her infectious lust for the water is fascinating. She does say that her number one reason for swimming is so that she can eat more cake but there’s a lot more to it than that. The community and people she has surrounded herself with have helped her to not only believe in herself but also helped her to continue to strive for success in swimming every day.

With my own growing interest in open water swimming and the increase generally in the number of people taking to the water in recent times, Tiffiny gives some great insight and advice for anyone who is venturing into the open water especially as we embrace the winter weather.

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