Tri Talking Sport 12 Days of Christmas Challenge

Christmas is fast approaching and although this year might be different to other years due to Covid19, it will still be a time when we get busy with festive activities from Christmas shopping to decorating the tree, watching Christmas movies to catching up with friends and family, albeit maybe virtually for the most part in 2020.

Whilst this year might see more zoom parties than mulled wine receptions more Christmas coffees outside than dinner parties inside there will be a million and one excuses for a reduction in physical activity. There is no doubt it is a busy time of year and with colder weather approaching, the motivation to get moving can really hit an all time low, so much so that we often let our fitness decrease and our waistlines increase through lack of movement and exercise during December.

But…. Hold up…. If you need some motivation, encouragement and accountability to get moving this December you can sign up now to our popular 12 Days of Christmas Challenge powered by our friends at njuko.

The Challenge

The concept is a simple one, commit to completing 12 hours of physical activity over the festive period from December 1st– 25th. Ideally this would be one hour of activity per day for 12 days, however, this is more about completion than competition, so you can decide to complete the challenge over a variety of durations from 30 minutes to 2 hour sessions during the festive period.

Select any form of physical activity of choice; yoga, pilates, running, swimming, cycling, walking, hiking, jogging, fitness class or any other activity that gets you moving, puts a smile on your face and gets the blood rushing through your veins.

This free fun challenge aims to encourage you to get moving over the festive period,(within the Covid19 restrictions), providing the incentive and support to get an hour of exercise completed on at least 12 days between the 1st of December and Christmas Day, taking time out to enjoy the session and time for yourself each day.

Although the reward for the challenge is in the completion and personal satisfaction, there will be a number of presents and treats up for grabs from Santa’s Sleigh as an incentive for participants to engage in the challenge fully. Register for the festive fitness challenge HERE.